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Tau's official mascot. Nyx is a serious bounty hunter that is slicing note beats to receive money. She's always ready to fight, no matter the time. Tactile, always one step ahead of everyone and loves leading 'people' astray. She doesn't have a defined purpose besides fending off beats, so she finds her lack of goal frustrating.

She practices slicing beats day in, day out, it's essentially her routine at this point. Due to having done this for a long long time, she started to see any enemies as a "beat".

Fun little note: the star rating of each beatmap determines what kind of people she's fighting (e.g. >4 are gang members, >6 are the police force, >8* are military force)

Combat style

Nyx has a device where she can control her scythe in a fixed radius, she has to throw it (almost something like Thor's hammer).

Her scythe is a similar scythe used in Tau, where it's considered as a double scythe but both of the blades are on one side, meaning she can only slice enemies in a single direction. She can however wield it through the center hole and spin the scythe that way.

As seen in the image, the scythe can also retract into a smaller scythe, or can be converted into a single-blade scythe


More to come in the future! Stay tuned!


If you ever wanted to draw Nyx for yourself, We have packaged a collection of images for you to use.