install and update the rulesets

install and update the rulesets in osu!lazer with rūrusetto.

download rulesets file

Ruleset files can be obtained at rulesets status page and then clicking on the Download latest version on the desired ruleset.

Download the rulesets file

The changelog and download link will automatically update when a ruleset is updated.

import rulesets to osu!lazer

step 1: navigate to osu! data directory

In osu!lazer’s setting panel, there is a button to Open osu! folder within the “General” section. On windows you could navigate to the data folder directly via Windows Explorer, by default this location is %AppData%/osu!/rulesets. On MacOS default this location is in application itself.

Open osu! folder
Move rulesets file

step 2: installing the ruleset

Copy the ruleset file (.dll file that you just downloaded) into the rulesets directory, do make sure that duplicate copies of the ruleset are overwritten.

Other rulesets also could share the same folder.

step 3: have fun!

After completing the above steps, you may need to restart osu!lazer if it is already open. Once restarted, you should see the ruleset alongside the standard rulesets.

Rulesets show in lazer's toolbar

update rulesets

To update rulesets, just do the same step and overwrite the old rulesets file.