A custom game mode for osu!lazer project.

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Swing is a custom ruleset developed by Evast.


In playfield it have 2 circle lanes (red and blue.) A gameplay is similar to Taiko, when a note reach a center circle press it.


Require at least 4 button (primary 2 keys and additional 2 keys) on 2 lanes. Best on keyboard. Cannot play on touch screen device.

default controls

  • Up Swing - Z
  • Up Swing (Additional) - X
  • Down Swing - N
  • Down Swing (Additional) - M


difficulty reduction

  • Easy Icon Easy
  • Larger hit area, more forgiving HP drain, less acuracy required, and three lives!
    • Make a game easier by less HP drain, less acuracy required and 3x of max health.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • No Fail Icon No Fail

  • You can't fail, no matter what.
    • Makes it impossible to fail.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • Half Time Icon Half Time

  • Less Zoom...
    • Decreases speed .75x.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.30x
  • Click the icon again for Daycore Mod : Whoaaaaa...

difficulty increase

  • Sudden Death Icon Sudden Death
  • Miss and fail.

    • If you miss, you fail.
  • Double Time Icon Double Time

  • Zoooooooooom...
    • Increases speed 1.50x.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.10x
  • Click the icon again for Nightcore Mod : Uguuuuuuuu...
    • Increases speed by 1.50x and raises audio pitch.


  • Autoplay Icon Autoplay
  • Watch a perfect automated play through the song.
  • Click the icon again for Cinema Mod : Watch the video without visual distractions.


  • Difficulty Adjust Icon Difficulty Adjust
  • Override a beatmap's difficulty settings.
  • You can override HP Drain, Accuracy, Paddle Size, Approach Rate and Extended Limits

  • No Sliders Icon No Sliders

  • Only circles matter.

  • Alternate IconAlternate

  • Left-right


  • Wind Up Icon Wind Up
  • Can you keep up?
    • Slowly increases speed from 1.00x to 1.50x throughout the map and raises the pitch alongside the speed.
  • The song speed will be getting faster and faster
  • Click the icon again for Wind Down Mod : Slooow doooown...
    • Slowly decreases speed from 1.00x to 0.75x throughout the map and lowers the pitch alongside the speed.
  • Initial rate, Final rate, and Adjust pitch are customizable parameters.


Player can change Playfield orientation to Taiko or Mania.