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a custom ruleset mimicking Genshin Impact's Ballads of Breeze mini-game

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soyokaze! is a custom ruleset mimicking Genshin Impact's Ballads of Breeze mini-game.


soyokaze! throws notes at the player across 8 different positions! These 8 positions are split into 2 DPADs (north, east, south and west). Press the right button for each circle at the right time, and don't get overwhelmed!


soyokaze! is only playable using a keyboard.


Name Button
Button 1 (DPAD-L ↑) W
Button 2 (DPAD-L ←) A
Button 3 (DPAD-L ↓) S
Button 4 (DPAD-L →) D
Button 5 (DPAD-R ↑) I
Button 6 (DPAD-R ←) J
Button 7 (DPAD-R ↓) K
Button 8 (DPAD-R →) L


difficulty reduction

Easy Icon Easy

  • Larger circles, more forgiving HP drain, less accuracy required, and multiple lives. As a bonus, it makes the map impossible to read!
  • Score Multiplier: 0.85x

No Fail Icon No Fail

  • You can't fail, no matter what.
    • Makes it impossible to fail.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.50x

Half Time Icon Half Time

  • Less Zoom...
    • Decreases speed .75x.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.30x

Unknown Icon Daycore

  • Whoaaaaa...
    • Decreases speed .75x and lowers audio pitch.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.30x

Unknown Icon Staccato

  • We hate hold notes!
    • Converts all Holds to normal Hit Circles.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.86x

difficulty increase

Hard Rock Icon Hard Rock

  • Everything just got a bit harder...
  • Score Multiplier: 1.06x

Sudden Death Icon Sudden Death

  • Miss and fail.
    • If you miss, you fail.

Unknown Icon Perfect Mod

  • SS or quit.
  • If you get anything that's not a Perfect, you fail.

Double Time Icon Double Time

  • Zoooooooooom...
    • Increases speed 1.50x.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.12x

Unknown Icon Nightcore

  • Uguuuuuuuu...
    • Increases speed 1.50x and raises audio pitch.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.12x

Hidden Icon Hidden

  • Play with fading circles.
    • Notes and approach circles will appear briefly before disappearing.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.06x


Autoplay Icon Autoplay

  • Watch a perfect automated play through the song.

Unknown Icon Cinema

  • Watch the video without visual distractions.


Random Icon Random

  • Shuffle around the notes!

Difficulty Adjust Icon Difficulty Adjust

  • Override a beatmap's difficulty settings.
  • Options: Circle Size, HP Drain, Accuracy, Approach Rate, and Extended Limits.


Wind Up Icon Wind Up

  • Can you keep up?
    • Slowly increases speed from 1.00x to 1.50x throughout the map and raises the pitch alongside the speed.
  • Options: Initial rate, Final rate, and Adjust pitch.

Unknown Icon Wind Down

  • Slooow doooown...
    • Slowly decreases speed from 1.00x to 0.75x throughout the map and lowers the pitch alongside the speed.
  • Options: Initial rate, Final rate, and Adjust pitch.


  • Toggle   Highlight Holds (for +HO)
  • Dropdown   Hold highlight color (None = use skin's config or default)
  • Toggle   Show Input Overlay
  • Toggle   Show Kiai Visualizer
  • Slider   Screen center gap
  • Slider   Object gap