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🕹 A custom ruleset for osu!lazer that adds a playable gameboy.

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Gamebosu is a ruleset that emulates a gameboy, and allows for playing gameboy ROMs. The ruleset is developed by Game4All.


Player can install gameboy or gameboy color ROM files and play it on this rulesets. You can start playing by selecting any beatmap in the game! (You can continue playing even after the beatmap ends). See ROM installation method here.


Controls are based on gameboy and player can only play using keyboard at the moment.

default controls

  • DPad Left - LEFT
  • DPad Right - RIGHT
  • DPad Up - UP
  • DPad Down - DOWN
  • Increment clock rate - PGUP
  • Decrement clock rate - PGDN
  • A Button - A
  • B Button - B
  • Select Button - ENTER
  • Start Button - BACKSP


Player can adjust

  • Gameplay Clock rate via a slider
  • Lock gameboy clock rate via a toggle button
  • Prefer Gameboy Color mode when launching original gameboy ROMs via a toggle button
  • Gameboy Scale via a slider
  • Enable Sound Playback (VERY EXPERIMENTAL) via a toggle button

The player is able to Open ROMs folder and Delete ROM save data from settings menu too.