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Cytus-like game mechanics within osu!lazer as a ruleset

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9Cytosu is a custom ruleset based on Cytus. The ruleset is developed by Ganen.


The gameplay of Cytosu relies on an Active Scan Line, a line that moves up and down across the screen. The player must tap circle notes as the Active Scan Line passes over them, following the music. Different types of notes are used: Click Note (a single circular note, requires tapping the object in time), Drag Note (a continuous track of notes, requires dragging along the track), and Hold Note (has an extended ribbon meter, requires the note to be held until the meter is filled).


Cytosu based gameplay design for touch screen but can be played on tablet or mouse with keyboard.

default settings

  • Action 1 - Z M1
  • Action 2 - X M2


difficulty reduction

  • No Fail Icon No Fail
  • You can't fail, no matter what.
    • Makes it impossible to fail.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • Half Time Icon Half Time

  • Less Zoom...
    • Decreases speed .75x.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.30x
  • Click the icon again forDaycore Mod : Whoaaaaa...
    • Decreases speed .75x and lowers audio pitch.

difficulty increase

  • Double Time Icon Double Time
  • Zoooooooooom...
    • Increases speed 1.50x.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.12x
  • Click the icon again for Nightcore Mod : Uguuuuuuuu...
    • Increases speed 1.50x and raises audio pitch.


  • Relax Icon Relax
  • Too lazy to click your keyboard, eh?

    • You only need to move your cursor to the notes, you do not have to click them.
  • Autoplay Icon Autoplay

  • Watch a perfect automated play through the song.


You can adjust Show Cursor by toggle button.


Cytosu logo



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