A custom game mode for osu!lazer project based on "I wanna be the Boshy" game.

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bosu is a custom ruleset based on I Wanna Be the Boshy game. The ruleset is developed by Evast.


The player controls a character trying escape from a lot of cherries that appear to the beat. The player can control jump and move around the map to avoid said cherries.


Use arrow keys to control the character. Can't be played on a touch screen.

default controls

  • Move Left - LEFT
  • Move Right - RIGHT
  • Jump - SHIFT
  • Shoot - Z


difficulty reduction

  • Easy Icon Easy
  • Larger hit area, more forgiving HP drain, less acuracy required, and three lives!
    • Make the game easier by having increased paddle size, less HP drain, less acuracy required, and 3x max health.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • No Fail Icon No Fail

  • You can't fail, no matter what.
    • Makes it impossible to fail.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.50x

  • Half Time Icon Half Time

  • Less Zoom...
    • Decreases speed .75x.
  • Score Multiplier: 0.30x
  • Click the icon again for Daycore Mod : Whoaaaaa...

difficulty increase

  • Sudden Death Icon Sudden Death
  • Miss and fail.

    • If you get hit, you fail.
  • Hidden Icon Hidden

  • Cherries will become invisible near you.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.10x

  • Double Time Icon Double Time

  • Zoooooooooom...
    • Increases speed 1.50x.
  • Score Multiplier: 1.10x
  • Click the icon again for Nightcore Mod : Uguuuuuuuu...
    • Increases speed by 1.50x and raises audio pitch.


  • Autoplay Icon Autoplay
  • Watch a perfect automated play through the song.


  • Wind Up Icon Wind Up
  • Can you keep up?
    • Slowly increases speed from 1.00x to 1.50x throughout the map and raises the pitch alongside the speed.
  • The song speed will be getting faster and faster
  • Click the icon again for Wind Down Mod : Slooow doooown...
    • Slowly decreases speed from 1.00x to 0.75x throughout the map and lowers the pitch alongside the speed.
  • Initial rate, Final rate, and Adjust pitch are customizable parameters.

  • Barrel Roll Icon Barrel Roll

  • The whole playfield is on a wheel!
    • The playfield is slowly rotating. (Default direction is clockwise)
  • Roll Speed and Direction are customizable parameters.


No settings available.